Mdjem Trip

A special place

Destination Kribi

Perfect beach triangles, sun, and sand, and most of all, peace. You will have the sensation of being on an island rather than on mainland. Kribi is located in one of the 10 provinces from Cameroon, the South one, specifically in the Ocean Department. A beautiful name, don’t you think?

And what will we do in Kribi?

We will dance. We will explore. We will also rest.

The trip has a total duration of 8 days in the destination (10 in total with the traveling days) where we will practice the now called slow traveling. So that we can understand and internalize everything. With a program that will guide us with flexibility, letting things happen to us and enjoying them. We are open to situations and opportunities. We will give space to improvisation. We will interact with others and ourselves. There will be time for privacy and time for socializing. We will not just see and do, but we will live and feel the journey. Since each group will be different, each trip will be so too.

We will travel without worries or crowds. The good thing about Cameroon is that it does not have mass tourism. We will gain experience.

We will enjoy excursions always most sustainably and responsibly. In other words, we will travel to immerse ourselves in the country, contribute to the economy through their businesses while understanding how life unrolls there the best we can with the time we have.

We will combine dance, nature and the sea. We will savor the best gastronomy, rest on the beach and of course, go out dancing.

Aside from all of this, we will film a video. Yes, yes. A video with the choreographies we worked on those days. A memory to travel back to and rejoice in it any time you want.

Last but not least, the trips are thought to be for groups with at least 5 people and a maximum of 10 people. I make small groups for two main reasons: so that the classes are as personalized as possible and so that you can learn the most and also so that you can establish meaningful relationships with your fellow travelers (and I hope with me too :)).


DAY 1Arrival to Douala, pick up at the airport, dinner, and the first night in the city.
DAY 2• Warm-up with dance percussion in the body (Dundun Dance). Warming up and arriving at the destination with the motors on.
• Arrival in Kribi.
• Dinner and rest.
DAY 3• Afrobeats(1.5-2 hours).
• Lunch.
• Visit to the falls of Lobe.
• Traditional dance (1.5-2 hours).
• Dinner and rest.
DAY 4• Afrobeats(1.5-2 hours).
• Lunch.
• Visit to Londji, the village of fishermen.
• Traditional dance (1.5-2 hours).
• Dinner and rest.
DAY 5• Rest of the body.
• Excursion to the pygmies or the Campo Man Reserve.
DAY 6• Afrobeats(1.5-2 hours).
• Lunch.
• Visit to the Rock of the Wolf and Ebodje.
• Traditional dance (1.5-2 hours).
• Dinner and rest.
DAY 7• Afrobeats(1.5-2 hours).
• Lunch.
• Visit to the city of Kribi.
• Traditional dance (1.5-2 hours).
• Dinner and rest.
DAY 8 • Filming of the video.
• Return to Douala.
DAY 9• Visit to the city, markets of crafts and clothes, and local fashion designers.
DAY 10Return home. Rest from the trip, internalize the experience and if you would like, tell others.

Notes: pre and post trip

NOTE 1. The dancing activities will be outdoors.

NOTE 2. The idea is to do a dance session in the morning and another one in the evening but if as a group there are other preferences it can always be reorganized. This is only if this allows our departures and planned excursions to be done with tranquility.

NOTE 3. The trip planning is a layout but can be changed. According to the flight dates some things will and won’t be able to be done. For example: watching turtles or enjoying waterfalls with or without water.

NOTE 4. Due to the circumstances, COVID has created, changes in the organization can be made in the last 2 days. At the moment, it is required to do a PCR when flying back in any company. The valid and official test is only done in cities like Yaounde and Douala 48/72 hours before the flight which would oblige us to slightly change the program to adjust to the returning flight requirements.

All this during those 10 days but the trip to Cameroon starts some months back. This is what we call the pre-trip where we will have the opportunity to meet each other, slowly learn the culture, traditions and basic expressions of the country and where we will start to train the body both online and in presential classes in Madrid if possible for those intense dance days that await us.

Once we come back we won’t be done either. The post-trip remains. We will return home and 2 weeks later meet up to see together first-hand the video that we have shot, discuss it, share conclusions and who knows, whatever comes up.

The price is divided into three parts


  • Plane ticket. There are 5 companies that fly all days of the week to Cameroon. The cheapest prices I have managed to see are between 500/600 euros but they can rise to more than 1500. It all depends on the forecast and time in advance we buy them
  • Tourist visa. Issued in 20 days is 90 euros. Express tourist visa on the same day is 120 euros.
  • Travel insurance. Approximate price: between 25 and 55 euros depending on the coverage you hire.


Once in Cameroon you still control and pay your expenses. All the prices are completely transparent and you will pay directly for the hired surfaces: dance classes, excursions, lodging, local guide, and transfers.

For the lodging, I will provide the different group’s options in Douala and Kribi where you will decide where you feel the most comfortable. There are different lodging possibilities that are good, but never the style of luxury lodges that you might have in mind of other African countries.

Meals. Breakfast will be included in the lodging. Having lunch and dinner in a Cameroonian way isn’t expensive. For drinks, it depends on each person’s consumption and if you like beer as much as it’s liked in Cameroon.

Personal shopping. Depends if you like or love everything “Made in Cameroon” 🙂


Here I explain my work and why you pay me a part of your trip. So that you save time and only worry about enjoying yourself I do the following: before arriving at the destination I, design the trip, plan the route, search for accommodation that best adapts to each person, search for the best method of transport, the most prepared and friendly guides (that factor is very important). I take care of meticulously selecting the travelers, gathering a group of women that from their individuality contribute to and enjoy groups. They share the goal of enjoying, collaborating, and getting the best out of the trip. I prepare the activities, the pre-trip meetings and help you with all the preparations, doubts and formalities before taking off.

Once there I coordinate the group and facilitate that the trip programs are done with fluidity, manage with the group any contingencies that have appeared and help you with anything that you need both on a personal and practical level. For example, if you don’t speak the language well. I will make sure that you travel in a better way.

Finally, once back home, I organize the final meeting to see our video, share sensations, relive emotions, and close this dancing traveling experience. I love hearing feedback that you want to travel again with me on another occasion and with a different destination.

Do you want to travel with Mdjem?

If you liked the trip I prepared for you, don’t doubt getting in contact with me and we can start preparing it.