The doubts of the million

I solve your doubts

First of all, tranquility. When I start doing this my brain speeds up and I run out of breath. I have also asked myself many questions and felt many fears. In my case, it was age-related because when I wanted to retake this passion, I was already thirty and had four children…

I will answer you in an honest manner and from my personal experience and the only thing you need is the will to dance and leave your complexes at home. I must also tell you that you will not be alone, the teachers have a lot of experience and are there to help, motivate and encourage you. I will be there for you too.

I know that in the majority of dance trip groups they already know each other. They are also already dancing too. They have overcome some of the fears and doubts we have talked about. In our case whether you already dance in an academy or not, it does not matter. What matters is that you want to do it.

Most probably, once you start dancing for the first time or if you resume it since, you will not want to waste another minute. Dancing (and dance traveling) will become a part of your life. This trip can be the way to make the decisive step.

You learn to dance.You train.You practice and you rehearse. Dancing can be started at any age and with any type of body. However, you must be the one to take the decision and you must take it seriously.

This trip is for you if…

  • You like to travel in a group and connect with other people. You already know that we will get to know each other in the pre-trip activities, but there’s a difference between meeting each other and living with each other.
  • You will adapt yourself to live without luxuries and to eat outside of your usual routine.
  • You are interested in things different to you, starting with this trip, of course.
  • You have curiosity and respect for things different to you although you may not understand everything the first time (or even the second nor even the third).
  • You are flexible and understand that unforeseen things can happen. Sudden trip changes can make the trip more interesting. You truly understand that things with zero risk do not exist.
  • You have an open mentality and are prepared for some of your foundations of what you think to be moved and changed.
  • And, of course, you are willing to sweat, have sore muscles and give your all to dance, forgetting your limiting beliefs (your own, the ones adopted from outside and ones inherited from others).

Frequent questions

What is the duration of the trip?

Eight days- from Saturday to Sunday- extendable to what you would like and you can even decide to stay by yourself more days in the country.

What dates?

There will be trips every month in the dry season and we will ensure it does not rain so our plans in Douala and Kribi are not altered. Approximately from October to June if we have at least 5 participants (maximum 10). For other areas in the country, the trips will be organized in the future as long as the rain is not a problem.

How much are we going to dance?

Two hours with a break of afrobeats in the morning and or two in the afternoon of traditional dance. The classes end with the shooting of a video that will arrive at your home some weeks later and make you feel all the good feelings you felt every time you watch it.

What if I do not want to dance in the morning and also in the afternoon?

There is no problem. You decide what you want to dance without any issue. Each activity is subscribed to independently.

What happens if my companion does not want to dance?

There is no problem either. Activities in which you learn traditional musical instruments at the same time that you dance can also be organized. If your partner does not want to do anything dance or music-related, what they do with that time is up to them and their organization even though we will always be able to advise.

The rest of the activities will be paid normally (as well as the complete service fee) without a problem. Since this is not a closed package and every activity is independent of one another, variations are possible.

Can you tell me more regarding the afrobeats?

Unlike the afrobeat created in the 70s by Fela Kuti (a mix of Yoruba, jazz, highlife, and funk music), the afrobeats with <<s>> are a modernized African music style and is mixed with hip hop, electro, and house rhythms, among others.

The term afrobeats is used predominantly to name contemporary pop music from West Africa. We could say that it is music that is heard on the radio and danced in clubs. The song Jerusalema, which has made afrobeats known on a global scale, represents a very small part of the huge variety of this type of music which has made millions of people dance to its rhythms.

There are many songs but here are some of my favorites:


Can you only dance afrobeats or traditional dance?

These are the basic styles to choose from. There are other disciplines available like contemporary afro or afro heels or simply Afro Fitness which could be organized in advance on-demand before the trip. Here I leave you a sample of these disciplines: Contemporary AfroAfroheels and  Afrofitness.

Is it compulsory to participate in the video? I do not see myself well in the camera and it gives me embarrassment.

Nothing is compulsory. Nevertheless, I recommend overcoming that barrier because later on you will be happy to have that memory and sensation of overcoming something. I did it and it was worth it. We can always talk about how much you want to be shown and define your preferences with you so you are as comfortable as possible. And our director and editor will also do their best to make you look your best.

If after all consideration you still do not want to do it, you need to inform me in advance to arrange to readjust the necessary filming preparations.

Can you tell me more about the video?

I have some videos posted on this website. In all of them, people who simply had the will to dance participated and we rehearsed and rehearsed and had fun.

Before the trip, the song, choreography, dance, clothing, and the script will already be organized. We will share with you the music and even start to work on some steps before the trip to not start from zero there and to boost your confidence. You will arrive believing you can do it. Our producer and editor will make sure that you see yourself at your best.

Can I only travel to and dance in Cameroon?

Today, Cameron is the first destination of Mdjem which we can go to with me 100%. At the moment the trips are only done in the Kribi area but I am already planning trips to other places in the country.

Zanzibar is also open and set to go.

In the future, my aim is also to open new destinations to be able to have experiences of dance and tourism in other African countries. Also to make longer combined trips in between different countries.

How do we buy the tickets?

The purchase of tickets is done on your own but I will provide you with the necessary information to do it once you confirm the trip.

Do we need travel insurance?

Absolutely yes. It is a requirement to be able to travel with Mdjem. I will also inform you about this the moment you confirm your booking.

Do we need a visa?

Yes, a visa is necessary for entry to Cameroon. Please check the details with the Cameroonian Embassy closer to you.

What do I pack in my suitcase?
  • For the dance classes: cotton clothing and many spare clothes to change into. You will sweat a lot.
  • For the rest of the day: summer clothing, swimsuit, suncream, towel, cap, and sunglasses.
  • For the night: long-sleeved clothing and long pants to be protected from the mosquitos that primarily come out in dawn and dusk. Mosquito repellent and if you are very sensitive to their bites, anything that will make you feel safer like an anti mosquito electronic device, bracelets, etc. We also recommend sticks to soothe the aftereffect of a possible bite


Is it necessary to be vaccinated?

The yellow fever vaccine is obligatory in the Yellow International Vaccination Card. For malaria there is no vaccine but if you wish you can take prophylaxis before and during the trip. For further inquiries consult International Vaccination to stay stress-free.

For Covid, no obligation for vaccination yet. (February 2022)

Why do I add in my first-aid kit?

If it were necessary there are pharmacies in the area of our trip. Even so, it is advisable to take a small kit to be as independent as possible. It should have: antidiarrheal, paracetamol, ibuprofen, oral rehydration agent, cream in case of a sunburn, bandaids, betadine-type disinfectant, eye drops, gastric protector, and Dramamine in case you get dizzy on trips.

What other important things do I need to know?
  • The currency used is frank CFA with an exchange of 1 Euro = 656 CFA
  • Money can be exchanged at the arrival without a problem in the airport and outside of it is easy as well.
  • The electricity, voltage, sockets, and plugs used are the same as in Spain and the rest of Europe.


How is the COVID issue there?

Cameroon is one of the most stable and calm countries as far as COVID is referred to. Since the opening of borders in May 2020, the situation has been steady. There have not been any unexpected closures or changes. People travel normally. However, the flight frequency indeed decreased, especially in the beginning. At the moment Cameroon is connected to Europe every day of the week.

Right now life is normal with the use of the mask in official bodies or some other institution. The use of the mask is not compulsory on the street.

The city of Douala has many private clinics. In Kribi medical assistance of first aid can be found.

A negative PCR test is mandatory for travel, a quick free test is done at the arrival of the airport and another one is needed for the return. In the entrance of Spain a QR Code or filling out a form at the entrance.