Your trip

Want to travel together?

Come dance in Cameroon

We are all different so each trip is different too. I offer you several possibilities: a trip designed by me (see section Your Trip) or I can design your trip depending on your ideas and dreams. I also offer you travel and dance experiences in Spain. Come discover them!
A journey just for you

Personally designed dance trips

Do you want to travel to and dance in Africa but do not know how, when and where? Do you also want to combine it with responsible tourism and really immerse yourself in a local culture?

If this is what you’re searching for but you would rather do it alone rather than in a group, you can count on me to design your trip.

We meet up, you tell me what you would like to see and experience and I will design a unique trip just for you with your name and surname so the only thing you need to do is arrive at your destination and enjoy. You can also count on me to design trips for couples, friends, families and even corporate incentive trips and/or teambuilding.

Travel and dance is for everyone.

We bring Africa to you

Mdjem experiences in Spain

It might occur to you that you love everything I am saying but traveling far away is something you cannot do for whatever reason in the present moment. If this is true, do not worry. I have also thought of you. Mdjem also organizes dance experiences spiced up with other activities that will bring the sensations from Africa here.

There will be activities of different lengths and in different parts of Spain. For now, they will be in Madrid. They will always be in small groups for you to learn the most from the classes and so you form a closer bond with other travelers.

If it is not 100% clear to you that you want to travel to Africa, this is, without doubt, a good option to try and discover what sensations this dancing brings you.

Whether you live in Madrid or come from outside and want to spend the weekend dancing, this is for you.

SATURDAYAfrobeats dance class
(2 hours)
Meal in an African restaurantGuided route in the neighborhood of Madrid called Lavapiés and it’s shopsRest
SUNDAYAfrobeats dance class
(2 hours)
Brief refreshmentFilming of the videoFarewell

Finally, if the only thing you are interested in are regular Afro dance classes in Madrid, contact me and I will explain it to you.