Mdjem & me

Belén and her passions

Behind Mdjem

I am Mdjem, Belén, your trip designer and guide to travel and dance in several countries of Africa.

Born in Madrid more than 40 years ago. I am Licensed in Psychology, mother of 4 girls, natural organizer, passionate for dance, a traveler from the heart, tireless searcher of what is different and a lover of change.

Along my lifelong journey, I have had the luck to be able to combine, learn and enjoy different countries and cultures. My family life brought me to Africa, and during the 11 years I have spent in the continent, I have lived in Morocco, Angola, Ghana and Cameroon. I’ve traveled through others but Cameroon is where I regained something very valuable to me: my passion for dance.

There are several dance styles that I have liked but thanks to my life in Africa, specifically in Cameroon, I met afrobeats and they immediately became one of my favorite types of music.

Natural antidepressant and joy in its pure state, afrobeats have different rhythms according to the country like coupé decalé in Ivory Coast, Ndombolo from Congo or the Bongo Flava in Tanzania. Each music has a particular beat and certain movements that distinguish it from others, although in general there are hundreds of steps and they get mixed daily and all over.

It does not matter from which country the music proceeds from because dancing afrobeats is always an explosion of energy and rhythm for your body and soul. It is really not possible to dance afrobeats without a huge smile. It is an automatic reaction.

I want to share with you my passion. I want you to enjoy it in your own way. I would love to accompany you on a new adventure. Cameroon is a country that has given me a lot (and still does) and it is only natural that I wish to share and make my experience accessible to other women.

This is precisely the origin and mission of Mdjem, a dream come true with the name bulu- Cameroonian dialect- meaning “I dance” or “my dance”, an experience that joins traveling, dance and movement.

I dance, and you?

If your dream is to travel to an African country and also dance but you do not know how, I will take you and help you make it happen.